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Originally Posted by Ambull View Post
OK I received my Ferris yesterday, and mowed my lawn today. I was able to completely mow the lawn in 2.5 hours. It used to take 4 hours. I slid once, going down the steepest part of the hill. Slid for about 30 feet. Mower goes up the steep hill very well. Suspension is fantastic, and it allows my to mow at a higher rate. The 36 HP Briggs engine is surprisingly quiet, and has decent power. The deck cuts very well - no clumping. Mower goes very well sideways on hills. I didn't accurately check the fuel consumption, but I would guess 1.6-1.8 gph.

For everything to be perfect, I would like to somehow improve the machine so that it can handle that one problem spot without sliding. Perhaps load the tires, or use wheel weights. Too bad I can't get some of those "Ted brakes", with those, going down hill would be no problem.

I think that once I get used to the mower and get it better tweaked out, I should be able to do the lawn in close to 2 hours.
You are running bar tires right? I'd see if you can make or add a weight bracket and try 300 lbs right on thr rear.
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