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Originally Posted by djagusch View Post
3 wks have past since I aerated, slit seeded the front yard which was graded black dirt. A 33/33/33 blue/fescue/rye mix was used from central irrigation/turf. Temps were hot but just kept the irrigation running more often. Grass is 5 to 6"s mostly and ready for the first cut. Basically very good germination rate visually even though I haven't noticed the blue popping up much but should be starting any time. A couple patchy spots from the dog running in it and some lighter seeded areas but overall really impressive.

Anyways I want to get some more seed down 30 rye 70 blue mix. Maybe alittle topdressing where I want the ground evened out more. I'm guessing slit seeding would distrup the new seedlings, correct? Would a another aerate then broadcast be ok? Or just broadcast? Or do I just need to wait till spring so it gets established?

Typically seeding after sept 20th or so in MN you stand a chance of getting a hard frost before the seedlings are hardy enough to survive.
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I would not go across a new seeding. You will destroy what you now have going. The plants are way to frail at this stage. Go for the dormant seeding and hope for a good spring.
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