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The pricing depends on some things that you don't list there... I bid some larger stores that never got built. They were old department stores and supermarkets so they were big.

Anyway, you need to know more info than that(you may know this and didn't list it)

Can work be performed any time or is it restricted to nights?
Do you have to use the malls waste disposal company or can you bring in your own cans(we own our own and couldn't)
What is the current floor covering and how clean does it need to be left(glue residues from carpet for instance)
Where can you place your dumpsters, close or in the way back parking lot?
Can you use gas powered tools?
Do you bring in your own electricians to do the disconnects or does the GC have things disconnected prior?

Like I said there are a few things that are not clear in this post. Real rough estimate though I was bidding 40,000(ish) Square foot stores for $68,000. I had to remove old fixtures and make it a bare box again for the new construction to start.
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