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It must be a g3 model then for 2010. I bought 2 new g3 60" 27 hp toro mowers in 2011 for 7995.00 each with tax. 8999. seems quite high especially for a 2010 48". Try to get it around 6000-6500 otherwise you can shop around and find a similar mower new in the 6-7000 range fairly easily. Check out all the incentives offered like toro will give you 18% off if you can show proof that you mow a church. I think I provided a letter from a church and a 1099. Either should work. John Deere does the same if you have any sort of government contract local, state or federal. Gravely does 20% if you buy 2 or more units totaling more than like 12500 or close to that don't remember for sure. Not all these incentives are advertised well but a good dealer should be able to inform you.
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