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Comparisons are complicated

Medical insurance is so complicated. You have to look at your total needs. I can only speak from my experience, my wife and I are $1200 month:
Plan A: copay for a dr. visit was $10, Prescriptions were $10 for generic or $20 for name brand. Then we found out their were other levels or drugs that cost $50 or even $70 for one month, no one told us about "special prescriptions". If the surgery was "in the plan" then it was covered, no matter what they billed. Blood work was covered. (I remember a young guy at the blood testing offering to pay cash, he basically got laughed out of the office. His blood work would have been $250 when the receptionist quit counting - odd thing was my blood work was the same and my insurance payed them $55 and they were happy, go figure)
Plan B: copay for a dr visit was $20. Prescriptions were $20 and $30. No special prescriptions so far..... Also "maintenance drugs" were 90 day supply for like $10. Crazy system. Hospital costs were "major medical" 80% covered by insurance, 20% covered by me. Found out that I ended up paying money every time, even more money than Plan A payed (and they were happy with that, why am I paying??)
Plan C, the one we are on. is basically the best of both of the above.
Needless to say, I am looking forward to better health plans at a lower cost.
Doctor visits, hospital visits, prescriptions are all in there, you have to read the fine print. Oh yeah, physical therapy, didn't think about that.
Now, next topic, dental insurance, lol!
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