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Originally Posted by ztman View Post
No one could give you a price without seeing the site. For example:

Remove exisiting floor finish throughout existing sales area/passages and fitting rooms. Existing slab to remain. Provide smooth level surface and prepare surface for new finishes.

What is the existing floor finish and what is underneath the floor. Provide smooth level surface? This could take days of work if the floor is not level and needs a lot of patching. What are the new surfaces going in?

Existing toilet room to be modified to be ada compliant. Relocate existing toilet and wall partition. Patch and repair surfaces as required

Besides having to know the ADA requirements, which are a nightmare, there is no indication where the existing toilet is to be relocated.

This could be a $10,000 or a $50,000 and up job.
That is what I am wondering as well, is if we are responsible for the bathrooms. We are suppose to just be bidding on removal only. II'll ask that too.
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