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Heh. I started my day by rearranging my route to adjust for lawns that must be cut dry vs ones that can be cut wet.
Five down and just put the mower on the truck when it began to POUR.

Sweet. I'll just sit here in the truck for a bit.

Rain stopped and I started another job. Rain started, so I hopped in the truck and checked the Doppler. Waited it out for 15 minutes and went back at it.

Awesome. Finished up a few more and looking at the clock I knew I would get all but one done today.

Headed to the last job just a mile from home and fired her up. I was only slightly damp at this point having been out in light rain, but dodging the downpours. Then it happened - the sky opened up and in an instant I was soaked. I let the mower sit in the middle of the lawn and stood on the porch for ten minutes or so until it slowed again enough to go finish the last few passes.

My shoes won't be dry for tomorrow and the bill of my hat was dripping water ten minutes after the rain had stopped. LOL

I usually get pretty lucky with the rain game, but it beat me today in the end.
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