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I was looking at the demo bid, and it stated that the restrooms must be modified to be ADA compliant. Since we are bidding on the removal/demo only, are we still responsible for this?

Take out walls in bathroom is all

Can work be performed any time or is it restricted to nights?

Do we have to use the malls waste disposal company or can we bring in our own?
Bring our own

What is the current floor covering and how clean does it need to be left?
Pretty sure its carpet, is not tile.

Where can we place the dumpsters, close to the project site or in the parking lot?
There is a service corridor beside the project site.

Can we use gas powered tools?

Do we bring in our own electricians or will the electric be disconnected prior?
Electrician will be there to handle all electrical

It also stated that we need to provide a smooth level surface and prepare for the new surface to be installed. Are we responsible for any patch work reguarding to leveling the surface after removing the old floor finish?

Clean, pick up excess glue

See's project taking 4-5 days.

All light fixtures are to be removed.

We have a 4 ton dump truck, but I think it would probaly be cheaper to rent a dumpster. If you were bidding on this project, what would you bid? Their wanting it started on next week ASAP.
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