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door to door advice

I have read a lot of posts about going door to door. I am new to the lawn care business, but I can tell you this. Had a sales career for over 15 years before this venture. If I would have told myself everyday not to knock on doors I would have been bankrupt. I realize many of you have been in this business for a long time and I appreciate the knowledge you provide. I will tell you this much. If you are not getting to know the neighbors around your clients you are making a huge mistake.

Walked through a neighborhood yesterday. I will be doing a friends aeration next week. Just by introducing myself to a few neighbors, I picked up 4 jobs yesterday. You might be the greatest lawn care guy in the world, but if you aren't taking advantage of free marketing and selling yourself and your business, how do you expect to make more money and find new clients. So I raise my glass to Joel for going the extra mile and finding new clients by introducing himself. Good luck. Joel and I will continue to get our new clients just be meeting the neighbors around our existing customers.
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