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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
Where you from Your dirt is high I thought mine was high Mine is sold by the ton $10 per ton I guess mine is cheap where I'm from
Where I'm from, we use punctuation. <Insertyourfavoritefunnyfacehere>

35$ gets you a screened, weed free top soil mix. There's 5$ loader scoops all over, but if the clump,rock and crap content needs to be zero, it cost more.

Oops, I left a 1 off of the weight. 6 yards could weight up to 18000lbs depending on the mix and water content. Hope Nobody read that and got 2 scoops in their S10....

By squeeze a little more, I figured the rental would be marked up and the dirt would be a per yard price that comes out to be a little over the hourly rate. Then charge hourly on the digging part. The vehicle use is accounted for and what ever % profit you add at the end. Running numbers that way, I came up around 9-950.
I'd still do it for 800, as long as it doesn't carry into a second day.
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