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But have any of you that replied, actually installed any? Lots of speculation, assumptions, and preemptive advice, but no advice from anyone that has installed them. I appreciate the concerns, but I am just now researching it and haven't made a decision yet.

Not worried about the liability as Jim said, as I am liable for flooding on probably every single system I touch anyway.

Not worried about the moss and growth on rooftops, as this would be used in an emergency situation ONLY. Plus, we don't get growth on rooftops here. We have minimal humidity, and other than right at this moment, minimal rain. I know what it looks like in more humid climates of OR, WA, MA etc. But we just don't get that here.

A local firefighter created this product/system earlier this summer after our Black Forest Fire They do a good job on the website to not show how it actually works or is set up.

Still flooding like a mofo here. Our average precip for the year is about 16"-17" total. South part of town over Fort Carson army base has seen 10"+ in just a few hours. Probably 4"-6" at my place. Boulder/Longmont/Lyons/Estes Park are absolutely screwed right now. Many folks are isolated as roads in and out are washed away. Big Thompson flood in that area in 1976 killed 140+ people. Only 3 statewide at the moment. Of course, no sprinkler work right now.
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