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Transplanting Blueberries in September?

Hey, this is my latest zany nut-brained question!

A client wants to transplant 6 blueberry bushes from her old place to her new place. They are older than 10 years, and must get transplanted to a place 8 miles away.

I know mid September isn't the optimal time for transplanting mature ANYTHING, but it must be done.

Any tips on the proper way to transport? I was thinking of 3 at a time, going to the new place to have holes dug first, then pull the plants out and put them in 5 gal buckets, or maybe putting them in a garbage bag and keeping them wet.

Honestly, any suggestions would be great. I do not garden, so I'm somewhat at a loss. Also what kind of fertilizer/soil/mulch/material should be at the new site, assuming its nutrient poor?

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