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What brand mower? 'Guessing' this is a belt drive? Backing up over leaves is quite productive...but not so easy with a belt drive.

You might try using a lower lift blade. My BOP Q32s do well with the 3in1 Gator blades whether side-discharging or in mulch mode with the mulch plate attached when doing Fall leaves. However, I still get blowout in the front when mulching...and I'm able to get my front end up pretty high which enhances the blowout to some degree. Lotta turbulence under there b/tw the turning down the RPMs is a BIG help, even when approaching huge piles. The peak torque (not HP) of most engines is in the midrange of the power curve, not at WOT. Plus, I can back up over them which, as stated above, is very effective.

Hope this helps & good luck!
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