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Originally Posted by Agape View Post
people are rude and nasty when you go to their door.
I tried it one day and quit because of the strong temptation to push someone into their home and hurt them.
Don't take this negatively, but you need to have thick skin and determination in order to knock on people's doors. I wouldn't take it personally either when people shut the doors in your face. It's life. People are rude and unfortunately not brought up well by their parents. When people knock on my door, I'll listen to what they say, and then tell them politely I'm not interested.

It's a simple concept... it's all about the numbers. For every X doors you knock on, it'll eventually result in a sale. Once you penetrate a certain area, your chance for additional work with that person and the rest of the neighborhood goes up considerably.

Your ultimate goal is neighborhood penetration and business presence.

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