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Originally Posted by kse1221 View Post
My goal is to have a lawn business. Grow my business and have employees doing the back breaking labor. People do it everyday. There is a difference between being self employed (you) and being a business owner. Did Sam Walton still sack groceries at the super Walmart.... No. Does the papa johns pizza guy still deliver pizza? No. I am no stranger to labor, but I want a business not another job.
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This is the attitude you need to be successful!!! Don't get this much on this site. Most here are one crew or one man companies and many are not even real companies.

To be successful, you have to be a businessman first and a landscaper second. If your just working your a*s off just to pay the bills, then you might as well work for someone else.

I currently have 6 crews and take home much more than I need. In the meantime, I have also built up a company that can easily be sold for over 1mil. This is what owning a business is about!! Do I love what I do? No. I like it. It gives me a sense of pride to have created a successful business, to be in control of my own destiny, and to create good jobs for others.

But, I would rather be a NFL quarterback, a famous actor, or a rock star. lol
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