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I'm not sure what that is, but i don't see stunting, wilting or yellowing in the grass around that. Even the grass blade's with the white spot's on them look healthy. The soil alkalinity may have something to do with that, so may the water, the soil or the fertilizer, it's hard to say. I would just watch it. It's really hard to diagnose any kind of turfgrass disease or mechanical damage over the internet (even with good close-up picture's), so to be on the safe side, and for your peace of mind, send a sample (and find out just what is a proper sample) to these people.

I think this is the right link. If this isn't your state funded university, then that is who want for cheap, accurate testing. They aren't far from you. Testing for in-state resident's is probably free or very cheap. Just be aware that it is probably slow, (like 4-6 week's) but you will know for sure. Guessing at this kind of thing can be huge waste of time and money, so do it right the first time.
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