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Originally Posted by icex View Post
Thanks for the reply. I am e-mailing some questions to the construction manager and will answer these questions shortly. I'm figuring up that you was charging around 1.70 a square foot?

One thing that I forgot to mention is the fixtures in the store I SOLD, so there was not disposal on them... I was going to get PAID for them. I also could bring in my bobcat to do much of the removal of debris. It all depends on the situation, you have restrictions that I didn't have, and I also had factors you don't. I had other means of income off the job(the fixtures), had free disposal of some things(the ceiling tiles), and also had some costs you don't(I HAD to use their dumpster company), variables from location to location(dump fees, prevailing wages). No one on a website can cost out the job, or bid it for you. You have to figure out what your costs are, add in the profits, and try and make some money on it. I wish I could just give you a number on what to charge but I cant.
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