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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
I have NEVER seen rebar used in grounding.
Google "UFER GROUND" been in use since WWII.

I'm around pools almost every day.
I have been in and around them most of my life too. Digging, tieing steel, gunite and shotcrete crew hand, plumb and wire, pouring decks (salt - stamp - kool deck) even plastered a few. Dove one earlier today and did a video inspection, have a 24 hr equipment on leak test going right now. I kinda know my way around most pools and spas.

reinforcement acts as a skeleton for a concrete slab.
That is a very good definition.

We just finished working with an old pool deck this week that had NO rebar and no Wire reinforcing the concrete.
As a rule the only rebar in the decks of older pools was a couple of 6 ft #4 bars bent in the middle and placed at the board stand jig. I have seen dowels bent into the deck from the bondbeam though. That is something that i personally would never do.

However - most pool decks do have rebar and wire reinforcement.
Prolly more regional or after 2008

And yes - the topic of "GROUNDING" is important. Because many contractors will rip out old concrete decking and install pavers.
Grounding and bonding are important, but not for that reason.

Just because i have been around a bit doesn't mean that i know more than you or anyone else. It does mean that i have seen quite a few different ways that things are done in different parts of the country.
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