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Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
Yesterday......Our local POS dealer informed me that I would have pay an additional $500 for a replacement engine if I didn't surrender my engine to them...

I have a little history with our "local POS dealer"...about 10 to15 years worth....we don't like each other..
In the 2 yrs since taking this job with this semi large landscaper...purchases which previously averaged $7000 to $10000 a month from our "local POS dealer"....have dropped 90 %.....
I don't want to completely want to stop doing business with them..I like to see them squirm....
Originally Posted by Jeff in AL View Post
Unless there has been a very recent change, that I am unaware of, Kawasaki does NOT want the engine back... But there is a "Certificate of Destruction" form that needs to be filled out COMPLETELY, dated and signed by the Dealer AND the customer... It also states that the Dealer verifies that the engine is "destroyed"... Like I said, I pop a hole in the block, take a picture and send it on. There is no reason why the customer can't keep for parts... After all, it is their engine!

This deal with Kawasaki is one of the dumbest things I have seen/heard of yet... IF the engine wasn't "destroyed" already, why would someone be replacing it to begin with?.....Duh!

I'll check tomorrow and see if this has changed and let you know...
Slapper, sorry I forgot to look yesterday!
I checked today to see if there was a new or revised REA that I was not aware of... And there is NOT!

Attached is the "still current" REA... I edited some info out and highlighted...
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File Type: pdf REPLACEMENT ENGINE AGREEMENT-EPA.pdf (241.8 KB, 13 views)
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