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Anyone in here use Walker MB series mowers?

I don't know why but the Walker MBK has my attention at the moment. I guess due to its compact size and lighter weight. I looked at Walkers many years ago but never ended up going that route. Too slow. No need to collect clippings most of the time. And really just not doing the kind of lawns where a mower like that was needed.

Things change and I guess Walker has too. From what I have read the Walker mulching decks do a phenomenal job in other parts of the country, but I haven't heard much about them on St Augustine. And I guess they are supposed to have pretty good hillside stability too. Another big deal for me. My main concern is the cutting height advertised. I believe they say they cut to only 4". That would be a huge problem for me in the summer. Of course their 4" may be like 5" on another mower.

So, does anyone have experience with the MB series on St Augustine? Does it cut high enough for you during the summer? The MBS will cut higher but it weighs 400 lbs more and give up the compactness.
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