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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Three Way and Triclopyr is the safe mix on cool season turf. My experience with Three Way and/or Triclopyr on warm season turf is that only zoysia will tolerate effective rates under my conditions. I once used a mix containing both Triclopyr and MSM on a zoysia lawn infested with black medic. Did it ever work and no grow back from seed or roots.
I've never tried the MSM/Triclopyr mix in zoysia. I'll bet that'd smoke some Virginia Buttonweed too. I have used 3 way on lespedeza with only slight curling and discoloration of the target. Add a small amount of triclopyr and you lay waste to the lespedeza. A night and day difference. Unfortunately, 90% of my lawns are Bermuda and our conditions are much like yours most of the year. The Bermuda will only tolerate Triclopyr in small amounts during our coolest months here( winter/dormancy)
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