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There are a lot of other leguminous weeds peculiar to Southern Florida and Hawaii that Three Way does nothing to unless it is applied at high rates with way too much surfactant. Even then, there is some foliar damage, followed by complete recovery of the weed. MSM does the job with minimal damage to bermuda, centipede or st augustine at rates those grasses can tolerate, even in warm weather. It is a good thing that MSM came back on the market when it did. The only other thing that worked on those types of weeds selectively was Confront or Lontrel. I used to use a lot of Lontrel for those exotic legumes. Not for use in residential lawns and in some states only allowed on golf courses or sod farms. It is a good thing that the yard boys and "landscapers" do not know about Triclopyr. Talk about missile test site if they were to spot spray with an ounce or two per gallon of Turflon Ester. I am probably the only one in the state that even buys the stuff. I only apply to zoysia for removal of other warm season grasses or for black medic. Otherwise, it does not go in the tank as an arbitrary component. I have no reason to expose flowers and trees unless the situation absolutely calls for it. The other brand name for Triclopyr is Garlon and you know what that is used for.
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