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Originally Posted by DanaMac View Post
Anyone install any fire prevention roof top sprinklers? A couple customers have asked me recently about it after two years of local forest fires (granted, today our state is flooding away from massive rains). I'm researching on the google machine, but want some real input from you all if you've done it. Would be a manual set up - either off the sprinkler mainline/manifold, or off the hose bibb, although our bibbs are usually off 1/2" line.

From a few I've seen online - brass impacts, mounted under the soffits at either end. Or somehow run pipes into attic and pop out thru the top, but I'd be worried about not making a tight water seal on the roof.

I put a hose bibb on my roof for that reason. Nothing hooked up to it constantly, I just have an impact and hose dedicated for that purpose when I need it.
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