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Originally Posted by M&L View Post
That makes sense. Double the work load, less overhead. I forget there's other factors sometimes. Its been a long week.
There's nothing wrong with running old Iron. I've got a snapper that's been re-powered 3 times. Front wheels, 2 sets of belts and 2 drive disk per motor. The hourly breakdown on that thing is pretty low haha
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Hey MS Im in your turf on vacation right now in Diego. All i see is fescue here lol. Everywhere I've gone to is near the coast though. Im sure if i went inland more id find bermuda. I love all the different plants here. Roses are plentiful and actually look great. People grow roses back home but with our rainy summers its a struggle to keep them looking good. I love the Canary's too. We have those too but with all the rain they never look like the ones out here.
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