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Originally Posted by Ridin' Green View Post
Definitely something wrong there. Diesels are known for their torque, and while they may lug down some under load (like going up a hill) they only do so to a point because that's how they are designed and when their torque skyrockets, and will then keep on chugging along long after a gas engine gives up and stalls.

The QOC shouldn't change just because one is diesel and one is gas unless the manu doesn't change the pulley set up to accommodate the diesel's lower engine rpm's at operating speeds. I've owned several diesel compact tractors ranging from 21 hp to 40 hp, and there is no gas engine machine in the same class with any of them that will do what they can do.
Ridin' I think your on to something. If the deck and hydro pulleys are the same size as the gas version this could cause both problems. The diesel runs at a lower rpm like you said.
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