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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
I would hazard a guess and say that you've seen my work. I'm happy to help people on here with their sites/marketing, as that accounts for the vast majority of my posts, but I view it similar to people asking others for their estimate forms. We all have our own IP that we invest in and should protect.

In terms of the LCO world, I have a very large footprint, and since I have no idea if you're a competitor or not (you indicate no location or web site, yourself), there's really no reason to give the final 1%. lol My attorney can confirm that I do keep him busy enough with cease and desists, which amuses me. I sweep for duplicate content of all my sites on a weekly basis. Two site designs, and their content, have been "repurposed" multiple times, lawnsiters included (I have a guess they weren't aware they were my sites). If you need advice or directional questions re: your site, feel free to pop in to the web sub forum. We try to help as much as we can in there.

I'm new to reading your posts and am not in the LCO business at all but do have some LCOs as clients. So I don't have a dog in the hunt, but I don't understand why you're not willing to provide some sort of proof to those looking to build trust with you.

Are you just not interested in gaining clients from your time on Lawnsite?Does it just come down to being afraid that folks will steal your web copy? I guess I don't understand what you'd have to lose... If your sites are ranking for organic searches (which I'm 100% sure they are based on everything I've read from you), don't you think people could just steal ideas that way?

Just genuinely curious, not trying to start a fuss...
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