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Originally Posted by Florida Gardener View Post
Hey MS Im in your turf on vacation right now in Diego. All i see is fescue here lol. Everywhere I've gone to is near the coast though. Im sure if i went inland more id find bermuda. I love all the different plants here. Roses are plentiful and actually look great. People grow roses back home but with our rainy summers its a struggle to keep them looking good. I love the Canary's too. We have those too but with all the rain they never look like the ones out here.
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Drive up the 215 for a while haha. There are wild fluctuations with the landscapes here. You have coastal - constant 70's year round, The desertish area from Temecula to Merced, there's a barren wasteland a little eastward towards Mecca and then the forest up north.
Once you go about 2-3 hours north, its like a totally different climate. And that's where your going to see mostly bermuda and a lot more drought tolerant plants.
I'm about 6 hours north from there now. We get an actual winter and a summer that frequently hits 110 at the peak, so there is always stuff growing and stuff dying. Works for me, its provided year round work.

In California, having a yard guy is not viewed as a luxury like most other parts of the states I've lived. Pretty much every one with a job hires it out. Hardly any one washes there own car, and no one cuts their own lawn.

Send some of that weather up this way, its been mid-high 90's all week and still have 2 or 3 to go before it drops.
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