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Originally Posted by ronwom89 View Post
Yeah I have had good luck and bad luck with bad boy. I baught a 2012 bad boy zt with 27 hp briggs. After upgrading to a suspension seat it was a good mower with plenty of power. Last month I started mowing about 2 acreas more and decided to upgrade to a outlaw 54" With. 30 hp briggs cyclonic. The closest dealer that had one was 2 hours away so I drove there to get it. The issue I am having is that even mowing at half speed the mower really struggles to keep rpm in the thick grass I cut where as the zt would mow right through it. Been talking to bad boy they has me take it in to get checked out. Every thing checked out fine so basically the mower is just to heave for that mower and cutting thicker established grass. So with nothing being mechanically wrong with it and still being disatisfied with how the $7000 mower mowes I am told there is nothing they can do about it.
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Im sorry your unhappy with your new BB. Did the dealer let you demo before you bought?
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