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Originally Posted by Will P.C. View Post
50-80/hr. Actual dealers tend to be more expensive than Joes Small Engine We Fix Anything. I want to know why some of these places mark up the price of parts over an acceptable rate. Ex. 50 dollar part found online in numerous places costs 85. Same BS with appliance repair. It is like the find the highest possible price and then add on another 20%
This is can charge whatever you want for anything that you want to...
If somebody pays your didn't charge too much...
The guy can sell stuff cheaper on the internet because he doesn't have a storefront or employees..
Maybe we should all call you to see if we are asking a fair price for stuff.?????
Did you sleep thru the high school economics classes.????

Where's TaterSalad when you need him....
If You Have All The Answers...Except The One You Need...You're Not Trying Hard Enough...
Do The Work
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