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Originally Posted by Sharpcut 1 View Post
That's false. My clientelle are 95% commercial, so you're mower does'nt sit behind Mrs. Smith's 21" toro. If you bought your mower from me, it gets pulled in the shop and diagnosed within 24 hours. If you bought your mower from me in the current season, you get pulled in while in our wating room, and see if we can fix it within 90 minutes. If we can't, you're getting a loaner and back on your way.

Obviously, the guy asking about shop rate DOES'NT have a relationship with his dealer.

Our shop rate is $80.00 an hour. Just outside of Detroit.

Let the dealer bashing begin!
Same at my dealer I drive up and unload and go to the bay and they
finish what they have and work on mine next. No checking in or anything I pay him and leave. I don['t go in for rinkee stuff and have a lot of
backup but when I need something bad they are there.
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