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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
When it come's to turfgrass disease's, they are just to numerous and complicated to guess at. Trust me on this, i've been growing grass for more than 25 year's and while i can be pretty accurate on a lot of disease's i know that the lab can do a better job than i can and i will defer to them almost every time.

I'm glad your sending off a sample. How long will it take to get a answer? How much did it cost? See what i mean about air movement? Most people don't realize how important that is.

I completely understand what you mean. As much research as I did, I find there are so many varieties of diseases, some that infect certain grasses, some that infect many types of grasses. Much of them are close and hard to tell. As for the sample, I'm going with TAMU (University of A&M). They only charge $10. bucks, which is much less than I was thinking. I found the ammonia sulfate you was speaking up at Callahan's a few days ago, I suppose I should wait to send and receive the new soil test results first before I go putting anything on it. I'm pretty sure I'm still on the Alkine side, but I did add a bunch of compost and organic matter before laying. Maybe that possibly helped me a bit, but I suppose not enough to get me exactly where I want to be.

As for the spots on the leaf I have no early clue, but I suspect very highly that it was fungi. Too tell you the funny thing is it's completely gone. It's not visible in the grass whatsoever when I look at it closely. I did cut back on the water to once in the morning and once in the even. I started watering about two hours earlier in the evening to make sure to give the leaves time to dry before the sun goes down. It seems as if the slower areas in rooting are now taking root. The grass is growing thick, but is competing for weeds. Looks almost as if some type of wheat weeds or something you would see in the country. But I'm just going to let it do it's thing and hopefully it will help when I'm able to mow it and get the height adjusted. The temperatures are in the low 90's now, and the 80's fast follow the low 90's. So hopefully within the next few months the summer weeds will die down. I plan to weight to spray until next Spring like you said. I defiantly see what you mean by air movement. I think seeding would have been a much worse off option. I'll keep you updated.
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