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Originally Posted by M&L View Post
Agreed on the whole post. As usual.

Pre's make me a good bit of profit, keep the places looking nicer and free up a lot of time for me to charge people for the good stuff (tree work, sprinkler repairs, selectives....) IME, its easier to charge top dollar for that type of stuff than weeding. Weeding can be done by kids, Illegals and monkeys. Pruning roses for outward growth, rigging down dead tree limbs, and rebuilding an ASV, not so much.

I'd look into getting my QAL if I were you. It was 50$ and about 3hours total (drive and testing)
IDK if the testing for pesticides is different where your at, but its comically easy here. The (Q) Maintenance and gardeners lic. Has questions like
What's a granular?
Which of these is PPE?
That's what I'm hoping to do. I don't know about testing here in Washington but I'll check. The whole idea of getting rid of most of the windshield time and bodywear is great. So many guys here do a completely crpp job on shrubs and pruning gear is cheaper to run than mowers.
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