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Originally Posted by Landscraper1 View Post
Harley rake being compared to a tiller??? 2 very different pieces of equipment. You obviously have never worked with one.
O I tried one a Dealer demo it long time ago. Think when they first came out and they still look the same

I know its different, But Im looking at the final product a tiller will do a better job. I don't use my tiller for a final I use my Turf Shaper. It like a tiller but it stirs the soil and levels at the same time and final product is a smooth lawn.

Guys around here try to seed behind it. All they have is a lumpy lawn and a uneven lawn .
They are a cheap to buy that is why they are so popular.
If that's all you ever had you wouldnt know difference.
If I never seen the Turf Shaper work I say I would be a owner of a Harley Rake but I would have the one with the seed box on the back

My Turf Shaper was 12k in 1981.
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