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Originally Posted by clydebusa View Post
My price for bed maint is higher than mowing. Always just give a price, not by the hour. Saying 60 to clean up a bed that takes 45minutes, sounds cheaper than saying 50 and hour. For the most part the client is never there to see how much time you are there.
That's exactly what I do, but it all boils down to man hours in the end.

Today. New H/O, just starting a remod. I went a looked at it. Walked around, figured the hours, the material, the disposal. Went to the calculator, figured it all out, wrote the estimate, landed the job.

My garden girl costs me more than most of you guys pay your guys, bit she takes my wife out with her and runs the site. They both love doing it, I've got 2 days a week now for them, the customers love em, and I make more money than I do with the mowing gig (me and a laborer)

Im still trying to dial in my hourly rate for the gardening, as I know some around me are higher, the maid girls are cheaper to the client than my garden girl is to I'm in the middle, and gaining ground quickly. I've only been on my own for 5 years, taken no loans, pay cash foe everything no credit cards. I watch these guys pop up with new mowers and gone a year later.
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