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Hey guys,
I want to make an EDDM flyer run. I am wondering if anyone can create an updated list of necessary steps? do you have to put a piece of paper on EVERY 50ct bundle?
thanks so much I really appreciate it.

is this still relevant?
1) design post cards and insert criteria for standards eddm retail mailing
1.5) get post cards bundled in groups of 50
2) print post cards and have them delivered to your house
3) go to eddm retail route selection tool and select routes in which you want post cards to be mailed. When selected you need to open up a free account and create a crid number for your mailings.
4) print out all route paper work and post office receipt for their records when you drop the shipment off
5) either pay online or select pay when dropped off
6) when post cards are delivered to you, open up all the boxes and start sorting and founding the bundles of 50 to get the correct amount for each route.
7) after separated into routes, copy the route cover page for how many bundles you have and print them out. These have to be on each bundle and have to say how many fliers there are in each bundle, as well as the date dropped off and how many bundles there are (I.e 1 of 9, 2 of 9, ect)
8) now you have to stack each route together and separate them in boxes or it will be a nightmare at the post office when they take the bundles in, and all the people waiting in line behind you will get pissed because they have to record and count each bundle and route while your giving them to them to make sure your totals are correct so they can charge accordingly
9) pay the lady (not 14.5 cents) but 16 cents each-----which really pissed me off because a month ago the postage was 14.5 cents each.
thanks so much for your help.
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