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Originally Posted by M&L View Post
Drive up the 215 for a while haha. There are wild fluctuations with the landscapes here. You have coastal - constant 70's year round, The desertish area from Temecula to Merced, there's a barren wasteland a little eastward towards Mecca and then the forest up north.
Once you go about 2-3 hours north, its like a totally different climate. And that's where your going to see mostly bermuda and a lot more drought tolerant plants.
I'm about 6 hours north from there now. We get an actual winter and a summer that frequently hits 110 at the peak, so there is always stuff growing and stuff dying. Works for me, its provided year round work.

In California, having a yard guy is not viewed as a luxury like most other parts of the states I've lived. Pretty much every one with a job hires it out. Hardly any one washes there own car, and no one cuts their own lawn.

Send some of that weather up this way, its been mid-high 90's all week and still have 2 or 3 to go before it drops.
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Florida is kind of similar. South Florida we have tons of different palms(mostly tropical ones that you guys can't grow in cal) and lots of tropical plants. Once you hit central Florida there is a big drop off in a lot of palms and most tropicals. Then north Florida you have color change, more hardwood, and different plants plus 10-15 degree lower temps.
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