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Originally Posted by milo View Post
you cannot charge anything you want because its America, if you charge a old lady $50.00 bucks to put on a new blade on a mower and few days later she finds out it should have cost most $5.00 bucks you will get sued and have to refund at very least $45.00 and court fees and in most cases the judge will see you took advantage of a person they would make you pay back $49.00 plus court costs.......
I called 2 dealers, $70.00 and $73.00 a hour. I usually do all my own work but don't feel like messing with this.
I do have a relationship with one dealer close to me but I have 2 dealers 15 miles away that have real smart mechanics and I rather pay them to fix it right faster then the shop I do deal with all the time even thought they are $66.00 a hour so for $7.00 bucks more a hour it went to that shop and a three day commercial wait, $70. shop was a week and 66 was a week.
Milo....if its posted on the wall...$85/hr shop labor rate...
$50 miniimum charge for anything...including blade changing....


With more people buying parts online...its only a matter of time before these minimum charges start showing up...labor ain't cheap...buildings ain't cheap..carrying an inventory ain't cheap..
If you don't like the prices....get learned up and do it yourself....
If You Have All The Answers...Except The One You Need...You're Not Trying Hard Enough...
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