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$68 a hour is the rate at my shop with a min. of $35. is the rate posted on my shops wall. Fair as can be and the shop is small and busting out of the doors with customers and can hardly hold the inventory they need in the store because they are so small and so much business comes through the doors.

When I first started out the rate was lower and I used to complain because that amount per hour seemed crazy, however I soon learned having someone who could get my equipment in and out and make sure we were back in the field in a little as time as possible was worth every dollar. At one point that hit me when I had two guys sitting there on O.T with me, waiting for a belt for a mower, which was on my mower in less than 5 minutes after pulling into the shop.
Was that belt expensive...not really when you considered I could of gone elsewhere and not had a shop member waiting outside for me to pull up and to install the belt, at which point I could of been paying my guys $15.00 a hour to wait while I went into the shop, To get paid to wait while the dealer looked for the belt, paid to wait while the dealer finally got everything on the mower ready and it put back on the trailer.

A good dealer is worth whatever they honestly can help you save and make a year. They are just as critical to your business as your best piece of equipment.
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