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Beam Test- Opinions please

I think it was Jim Lewis that said this forum has gotten a bit stale. Hopefully it's just because everyone is busy selling and installing. I went out a few weeks back and set up a beam spread test. As I drive around at night I see lighting that runs across the board from decent to horrid. Most of the time, our eyes are drawn to the architectural lighting and we make this determination quickly based on how the contractor has lit the residence or structure. So, I became curious. I see so many jobs that have sharp beam lines on the architecture and very few that don't. I personally, have always associated sharp beam lines on architecture as ugly and distracting but I want to know what everyone else's opinion is on the matter. Do you prefer smooth blending of the light on architecture or hard beam lines and bright spots? Please follow up your poll vote with your preference reasoning.

The photo shows 3 examples. Please note: The samples have differing beam strengths and color temps, so don't comment on that. I am only looking for feedback on the beam lines or "the look on the wall you like better".

Hopefully we can get some banter going again....

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