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I think you made the right choice not to bid on this project. With the time constraints, unless it is something you do all the time, there was too much margin for error in estimating. Just mentioning asbestos means that you "should" have time to make sure it isn't present and a week isn't much time to get all that in order along with making sure your insurance meets the requirements of the store and having them sign off on everything.

I am getting into demolition slowly because there is a lot to learn and a lot of regulations. One of the things I fight out in a rural area are competitors that bid a job and don't figure in disposal. They just dump it on a ranch or in a hole which is illegal but nonetheless they do it. That makes it hard to be competitive on the bidding. You want to make sure you put in enough money to make a profit yet not be so high that the low ball fly-by-night's beat every estimate. Having enough time to bid helps to be more competitive.
Good luck on the next one!

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