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Honesty is the best policy. The first landscape project that I did was a bid job. Cleaned out 1200 square feet of flower beds and remulched them, mowed, fertilized, and reseeded the lawn. When I was finished I asked how my price compared to the others, she said I was the highest but I did not promise her that I could make her grass grow, as the other two bidders had. She lives in a very sandy area, which takes many years to grow a solid lawn. I mow her yard every 2-3 weeks for 60 bucks and she is happy.
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Bid jobs in a better part of town. Qualify your customers before you even go to the property. if all the customer wants is "wack the grass down", tell them that they. have called the wrong guy. There are lowballers in every town and every year there will be more. I know what I need/want to make. if they don't want to pay me, then I don't want to drop the gate. not sure why this is such a hard thing for some to grasp, but I'm in my first year and have plenty of work. my cheapest lawn is $35 and I'm in and out in 20 min. The majority of them are $40-60 per cut, weekly. My customers like me, I talk to them and treat them as people. I sell myself harder than the work I do or the price I charge and it makes me money.

My customers dont get bids from other companies, they dont ask me why I charge the older couple (next door) with the same size lawn $10 less than them. I build rapore with my customers from the second I introduce myself and immediately try to gain their trust. I tell them things they don't want to hear about their lawns then follow it up with, "I'm not gonna tell what you want to hear, but I will be absolutely honest with you". The majority of people might not like what you said, but they will remember that you were honest with them.

The first time I called customers and left messages that I was skipping them due to slow growth, they all called me back and thanked me for not cutting it anyway just make a buck, or for saving them a few dollars. One felt bad since I was there looking at the property and asked me to hit her Lilies with the weed sacked since they were done blooming. It took me 5 min and she insisted I take the full amount for the mowing since I was there.

screw the low ballers and focus on your business and more importantly focus on your customers.
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