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Originally Posted by JNB Construction View Post
I hear you on that one. I bid a small house demo only a couple of miles from mine. The guy that won the bid (don't know him) has property that backs up to a road about 300 yards from my place. The small house is now a neat pile of rubble sitting back there now. It sits next to a nice stack of 12" thick concrete slabs he put out there from another job.
You can do an anonymous complaint with TCEQ. What he is doing is illegal if he plans on burning it or burying it. The rest of us that follow the rules need a level playing field. That's why games have referees, and business has rules.
I'm sure his neighbors won't appreciate him dumping potentially hazardous materials that will filter into their wells or runoff into stock tanks.

I have cleaned up my share of ditches, creeks, sink holes, etc., where billy bob decided to make an illegal dump. It affects someone down the line whether it is intended to or not.

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