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Originally Posted by deerewashed View Post
i am gonna be towing with a 9200gvw truck that weighs around 7300 i believe with a full tank of fuel and me inside. that leaves me about 1900 tongue weight which is good for the largest machine i am looking at hauling which is 10500.
I somehow doubt that you will be able to make that setup legal, not saying it can't be done, but that it would be very hard. I think you'll have issues making your rear axle weight on the truck work, perhaps not but probably hard. also consider that your going to be putting your rear truck tires just about to the max. I'll say that here is the flawed rule of thumb that I go by, don't exceed the total rated gvw of the combination (14000+9200 = 23200 in your case) , nor any single axle (as previously stated pay special attention to your rear truck axle).
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