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Originally Posted by UNIQUElawncare View Post
would you guys care to give some opinions? I was all geared up to purchase a Dixon mower this fall but now I'm looking at a Hustler Raptor 52" for under $3000 with a fabricated deck and other commercial features. anyone have one of these or tried one out?
The owner of Southern Indiana Equipment told me what a shrewd buyer I was for selecting the Big Dog R-748 Power Bar Mower, pretty much the same mower as a Hustler Fastrac but they are on close out because the power bar didn't sell.. The power bar is the same steering system used on the Hustler Trimstar hydro walk behind. I played with it in the parking lot and liked it fine, way better than the Ferris Evolution/Snapper s75x steering. I could probably get used to the Evolution but it was way twitchy in my test. I bought the BD for 3350 + 7% tax or 3584 out the door, about 10 % more than a Raptor. I pick it up tomorrow at 11 am.

He said he sells the Raptor for $3000 and his opinion was the Big Dog was a 5 times better mower. His exact words. I know he was blowing some smoke but Columbia is only about 150 miles from Lanesville Indiana. Service could be a problem though but I've found this dealer to be honest and the service dept competent.
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