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Its great to see some veterans weigh their positive opinion about door to door. If this concept is working for some of us, why do you feel compelled to jab someone in the throat for being successful. If you have had bad results door to door, it is all in your approach. Not everyone is gonna kiss your A$$ and do business with you. Like someone before me posted, its a numbers game, the more you knock, the more opportunity you will find. I can't believe people would jump on a guy for growing his business. We are new to this industry and if "you" pay attention, you just might learn something from us. I have learned a lot on this site and I appreciate the forum. You need to consider you are a salesperson whether you want to believe or not. You have to ask for the business. While your cutting your clients lawn, ask them about aeration/overseeding and the benefits. Since you are already doing business with them, price it where you still make money, and now you are providing them one more service and keep them from using more and more of your competitors. Like I said in my first post, I have a sales background and maximize this strength every opportunity I get. If you are not selling to your clients and their neighbors you are missing the boat. Guess what, they see you every week.
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