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Originally Posted by alldayrj View Post
You guys do a clean job but is a few weeks enough? I rip out a lot of these slabs that are all hollowed out from settling. All the pool guys by me are hacks, piles of dirt everywhere when they leave and they usually bury all the old concrete or whatever was in the yard so it pops up when were trying to grade it
I typically do a job all the way to the sod and irrigation.. So there is nothing buried on site..

It all depends on the weather really. We've had to let them sit for up to 3-4 weeks. But once it takes that long were there wetting it down, putting more dirt around it, driving on it with the bobcat. All kind of things...
I've only had two problems with pool decks cracking prematurely. One of them, the customer used his own concrete guy 5 days after I back filled his pool(ignoring my advice to wait) and then blamed me when it cracked.

The second, was a lot of trashy clay that takes a lot time to settle and just a bad pour on my part. It was to hot, I didn't have enough guys.. And there was to much to worry about in the pour(drains. Steps, etc)
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