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Originally Posted by wat5150 View Post
What?? No hats allowed?? What bank is this? Ive never heard of such a thing. I would be doing business elsewhere.
You don't live in the city.

I would, but that's pretty much standard operating procedure at most banks around here.

When I was approached by the "guard", I said "Seriously?". He began to explain the rationale and I interrupted him saying "Yes, I KNOW why and this will be the last time I come in here."

"Oh, well, you can refuse", he said very quickly in a tone that implied that he didn't want to cause the bank a lost customer, to which I replied "Well then, I refuse" and replaced my ball cap.

I haven't been back inside the bank since. Screw them. Those people are lucky to HAVE jobs in today's computer age. The more customers they run off, the faster they will be replaced by a machine.
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