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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
I saw this thread and it caught my eye because I was debating doing a Fall Cleanup Special flyer.... I just truly love doing cleanups and since I own a dump truck, a Walker 26 EFI, and the best Shindaiwa backpack blower that money can buy, I am rip roaring and ready to go. I work solo for now so I am going to be targeting residences that I know I can get in and out of without being there all day. This is my first year out of the box(long time in the industry but first time owner) so I am actually very eager to see how the flyers work out for me.... Hope my answer helped a little bit because the folks that have replied thus far did not address your question at all. Which, by the way, I feel is just so darn ignorant....

haha i feel that way too man...all i wanna know is what services people are putting on them..
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