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What does this fertilizer contain? Myth or Truth?

I was able to locate this Lesco 15-5-10 for Texas turfs.

I read in one of the reviews, this product contains ammonia sulfur, which is what counteracts with Alkaline soils. I'm still waiting on soil test, but I suspect mine is just as the same as everyone else in the surrounding area, very alkine. If that is the case, would this 15-5-10 contain enough sulfur to counteract with a high soil ph, or at least improve over time? Also, aside from the alkine soil, Iron Chlorosis seems to be caused from our Alkaline soils common so, in Central TX. From my understanding Lesco uses Iron in their 15-5-10? From my understanding we need a low in phosphorus fertilizer considering that we have too much to spare here? I'll know for sure as soon as I get a sample back, but I suspect this is the conditions of my soil considering everything and everyone I've talked to be is in the same range. I just need a better understanding of exactly what's in this "Texas Turf" Fert for anyone that's used it. Thanks for any help!
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