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Hey Landscape Poet,

We actually already have this capability in Jobber! Our free Expense Tracking add-on allows you to attach a receipt image directly to the expense item as documented proof of the expense. There's a brief mention of this in a product update blog post from when the feature was released in July:

The Jobber Blog is a great place to stay tuned in general for product updates and new features. We literally add features and improve functionality every single week.

Freshbooks is an accounting/invoicing focused service suitable to pretty much any small business. They do a great job of managing invoicing and some of the basic back-end accounting. Jobber is focused on a more broad set of features that are important for field service businesses specifically, including the invoicing stuff that Freshbooks does, but also scheduling, time tracking, chemical records, and a lot more.

Hope that helps!

Sam @ Jobber
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